Best Affiliate Programs for Mom Bloggers

Affiliate Programs for Mom Bloggers

I absolutely love using affiliate marketing to make money blogging!

When you are first starting a blog, selling your own unique products might not be the best option for quickly growing your online income.

Between taking care of your kids, your spouse, your house, and making time for self-care (yes, that is also a priority), you have to learn how to optimize the time you put into making money from your blog.

Affiliate marketing works for mom bloggers because it saves time by allowing you to promote existing products. You create content about products that you use in your life or business and earn a commission on any sales that result from your recommendations.

Sounds pretty darn good, right?

What Type of Blog Posts Work Best for Affiliate Marketing?

Creating content to showcase your affiliate links is key. Here are the blog posts that can help increase your affiliate income.

Tutorials (aka How To Posts)

Tutorial posts are a great way to show your knowledge and naturally include your affiliate links.

For instance, a food blogger could write a post on how to bake an apple pie from scratch and include affiliate links to items like her favorite cook book, the baking utensils she prefers, and more!

The point of a tutorial post is to show the reader in a step by step process how you complete the task and what works best for you.

Review Posts

I tend to write review posts only for single affiliate products or services that I REALLY love. I dedicate the entire blog post to talking about my experience with the product, how I use it in my life or business, and why I think it could be great for my audience.

I also prefer to reserve review posts for high-commission affiliate products or those that allow me to earn a commission that is recurring each month.

Gift Guide Posts

Creating content in the form of a gift-giving guide is a perfect way to naturally share affiliate links and be super helpful to your reader.

A gift guide post can really work for any niche (i.e. Best Gifts for Travel Enthusiasts, Best Gifts for Mom Bloggers, Best Gifts for Brunch Lovers, etc.)

Comparison Posts

A comparison post allows you to compare two or more products/services and give your input on which one is the best.

For instance, your reader might be stuck on a choice between joining Food Delivery Service A and Food Delivery Service B. Your value packed blog post (with affiliate links) comparing the two services is just what they need to make a final decision.

Recommended Resources

Periodically writing resource blog posts are a great way to increase affiliate sales. Your blog posts should focus on something specific like 10 Best Products to Get Better Sleep at Night or 5 Resources to Help You Boost Your Credit Score in 6 months.

You can also promote your affiliate links on a recommended resources page on your blog that includes links to your favorite products and services.

What are the Best Affiliate Programs for Mom Bloggers?

There are a ton of great affiliate programs for mom bloggers out there. It's important to understand that you don't have to join every affiliate program you come across to do well with affiliate marketing.

Actually, I suggest you start by joining only a handful of great programs that fit your niche. This will allow you to get laser-focused on growing your affiliate sales and not be overwhelmed by trying to promote too many affiliate products at once.

You can't go wrong by starting with the following affiliate programs for mom bloggers.

Join Amazon Associates

While Amazon typically only pays a commission fee of 4-10% per sale, the Amazon Associates affiliate program offers a wide collection of affiliate offers that can work for mom bloggers across a variety of niches.

Once someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will get a commission on that purchase and any other purchases they make within the next 24 hours. So if they used your affiliate link for a book you recommended, but then purchased a vacuum cleaner 5 hours later, you get the commission on that Amazon product too!

Additionally, you can also make money with affiliate marketing with Amazon's Bounty Referral Program. This program pays you a fixed fee every time someone uses your affiliate links to sign up for one of their services like Amazon Family, Audible, Amazon Prime, etc.

For example, if you run a baby blog, you could promote Amazon's Baby Registry and get paid $3 every time someone creates a registry using your link. You can use their premade text links and banners ads within your content.

Amazon Baby Registry Bounty

Become an Ultimate Bundles Affiliate

Ultimate Bundles is a collection of online courses, e-books, printables and other resources from various creators that are bundled together and offered at a discount price.

The bundles cover different niches ranging from blogging to healthy living to home-making and more! Some of the bundles are for a limited time only, but there are “evergreen” bundles which you have access to promote for longer periods of time.

Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program

This is a great affiliate program that offers a 40% commission rate on sales that you make, as well as a 10% commission rate on second-tier referrals (people who sign up to be affiliates through your links) for the first year.

What I love about this affiliate program is that it gives you all kinds of resources to help you be more successful in promoting their bundles.

They give you example scripts that you can customize for your audience, banners/images to embed on your website or use on your social media accounts, and they even run affiliate contests that have extra prizes for winners.

If you are interested in joining the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program, sign-up here..

Join ShareASale

Joining ShareASale is something I highly recommend for any mom blog. As a ShareASale affiliate, you have access to thousands of great affiliate products related to fitness, cooking, gardening, education, finances, baby, and more!

Just to name a few of the affiliate programs hosted on the platform that mom bloggers might like include:

  • Earth Mama Organics, 20% Commission Per Sale
  • Mabel's Labels, 10% Commission Per Sale
  • The Spoiled Mama, 10% Commission Per Sale
  • The Birth Ball, 11% Commission Per Sale
  •, 4% Commission Per Sale

Join ShareASale for free and browse all of the categories to get a better idea of what's available. Each program page will give details of the commission levels available and even a preview of the creative graphics available to you as a blogger.

Become an Etsy Affiliate

The Etsy affiliate program is another one that can work well for mom bloggers to find great affiliate products.

While the commission level is typically only 2-4% per sale, Etsy's large online marketplace carries thousands of unique handmade goods from t-shirts to jewelry to stationary to artwork and more that can be a good fit for nearly any blogging niche.

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

The thing I love most about affiliate marketing for beginners is that once you join an affiliate program you can start promoting your affiliate links right away!

You can share your affiliate links through your blog content, your social media accounts, your email list, etc. The more you are able to naturally share your affiliate links within your content, the more affiliate sales you will make, and the higher your affiliate income will grow.

Finding great affiliate programs for mom entrepreneurs can be a really fun step in the process of learning how to make money with affiliate marketing.

For a more detailed guide with more tools and tips, try my step by step post on how to start affiliate marketing.

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