• Why I rebranded my blog

    Rebranding Your Blog: Why I Changed My Blog Name

    Have you been thinking about rebranding your blog? I’d been contemplating the idea of rebranding my blog with a new name for months. (By contemplating, I actually mean anxiously mulling over whether or not to do it!) When I initially started the blog Teach & Flourish, I only had plans to discuss topics about teaching […]

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  • start a freelance writing business

    How to Build a Freelance Writing Business

    What’s the best way to start a freelance writing business? How to Build Your Own Freelance Writing Business from Scratch is a Guest Post by Yaz at TheWalletMoth.com. A few years ago, I felt utterly trapped in my career. I felt like I’d only just graduated with big life dreams, and already I was stuck […]

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  • CourseCraft Review

    How to Create a Course on CourseCraft

    Ready to create an online course using CourseCraft? Once you finally decide that you are ready to create an online course, there are many decisions to be made including: What topic to teach? How long should the course be? What format should you use? How much should you charge? And the list goes on and […]

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  • How to Find the Best Affiliate Programs

    3 Super Easy Ways to Find Affiliate Programs

    Ready to find the best affiliate programs for your blog? Maybe you’ve been hesitant to try affiliate marketing because you thought in order to be successful online, you have to create and sell your own products. Well, I’m a huge proponent of diversifying your income. Why? Because as an entrepreneur, putting all your eggs in […]

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  • How to Create a Lead Magnet for Your Blog

    3 Steps to Create a Lead Magnet for Your Blog

    How do you create a lead magnet? Every blogger should create an opt-in freebie to help convert readers into email subscribers. Just in case you’re not sure what a lead magnet is, it’s a free offer or free gift that you giveaway on your blog in exchange for contact information from your readers. In my […]

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  • Marketing With Pinterest

    3 Hacks for Marketing With Pinterest

    3 Hacks for Marketing With Pinterest Okay–I’m channeling my subtle South Carolina accent today ya’ll–let’s talk about marketing with Pinterest and the easy-to-fix mistakes bloggers are making. Please note that I am BY NO MEANS a Pinterest marketing expert. For expert advice, read this post about the women in this nitty-gritty Pinterest arena that I trust […]

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  • examples of affiliate marketing success for mom bloggers

    Affiliate Marketing Success Story

    Looking for an affiliate marketing success story for inspiration? Because part of the mission of my blog is to show you how I make money online, I wanted to give you a breakdown of how I earned $643.20 by sharing my love for a particular affiliate marketing training for beginners. Clearly, I haven’t been shy […]

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  • Tips to Write a Book

    3 Easy Tips to Write a Book

    Tips to Write a Book You’ve had “write an book” it on your to-do list for years. You know you need to just do it already. Time and time again you’ve told yourself that this is the year you must get your book done. And yet…nothing. This is exactly the way I felt before I […]

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