How do you create a lead magnet?

How to Create a Lead Magnet for Your Blog

Every blogger should create an opt-in freebie to help convert readers into email subscribers.

Just in case you’re not sure what a lead magnet is, it’s a free offer or free gift that you giveaway on your blog in exchange for contact information from your readers.

In my search to find as much information as possible for building a lead magnet to grow my email list, I came across a few lead magnet checklists to use when putting together a free offer for my blog.

What I needed most was a quick and easy guide that would allow me to focus on the most important components of this checklist so that I could get going on the creation process.

After studying a myriad of different potential steps, I came up with three steps that I thought were the most important components to focus on. In this post, I’m sharing the 3 steps with you so that you can get going on creating your first lead magnet.


Step One – Be Very Specific

The first thing you want to do when creating a lead magnet is to make sure that the focus on your lead magnet is very, very specific. This means being specific in the topic that your lead magnet covers and specific in the audience that your lead magnet targets.

What you absolutely do not want is to try to create a lead magnet that is a “Catch All” for every segment of your target audience…and yes your target audience likely has segments.

Let’s say for instance, that your blog focuses on helping other people to launch their own money-making blog. You could:

  • Create a lead magnet that shares helpful tips on starting the blog process
  • Offer a lead magnet that helps your readers set realistic goals for growing their blog
  • Offer a lead magnet that helps them to get more traffic to their blog.

These are 3 unique offerings that are very specific.

When you create a lead magnet, you will want to create a free offer of value that speaks to the desires of just one of these segments of your audience. (We’ll talk more about speaking to desires of your audience below).

The more specific you can be, the more value you can give, the more well-received your lead magnet will be.


Step Two – Know What Your Audience Values

The real question is…Do you know what your audience wants and values?

What you do not want to do is start creating a lead magnet that is based completely on what YOU want to share with your audience because the truth is…they may not care as much as you think.

Instead, pay attention to what your readers mention in comments, track which of your blog posts have the highest open rates, and even send an email or quiz to ask what information they value most.

Doing these things will give you a better glimpse of your audience’s desires and allow you to create a lead magnet of greater value.


Step Three – Give Instant Gratification

Imagine you walk into a new restaurant that all your friends have been telling you about. You sit down, take a look a the menu, find some awesome description of a dish that has your salivary glands watering, and as soon as you place the order, your waiter informs you that the dish will take 3-4 hours to prepare.

OH NO WAY! This is likely what you think to yourself, right?

Well, the same goes for your lead magnet. You want to give your readers instant gratification to consume whatever lead magnet you choose. They don’t want to wait for the goodies. They want it ASAP!

The lead magnet should include highly valuable content that is easily digestible. This likely means steering clear of 100 page eBooks and 5-week long online courses.

While you might think you are delivering a lot of value in these longer materials, your reader may be overwhelmed by it, not to mention the gratification period is anything but INSTANT.

Consider a short ebook or pdf workbook. Printable workbooks actually work great as lead magnets! The point is to keep your lead magnet short, relevant, and as simple as possible.

Once you have collected your reader’s email address in exchange for your lead magnet, you can follow-up with longer more in-depth information.

What’s the Easiest Way to Create a Lead Magnet?

Like I said above, creating a workbook or an ebook to give away to your audience is probably the best way to create a lead magnet.

Don’t worry. There is a really easy way to accomplish this.

I recommend that you use Canva and these predesigned lead magnet templates to create a lead magnet. Your end products will look like it was created by a professional graphic designer!

Lead Magnet Templates

There you have it–Three steps to get you started with creating an irresistible lead magnet for your audience!

Once you have created a lead magnet, you can automatically deliver your lead magnet using your email provider. ConvertKit is a great option for delivering lead magnets. Join a free workshop to learn how to get more email subscribers and make more sales!

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3 Steps to Create an Opt-in Freebie

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