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Interested in finding remote jobs for moms?

Instead of starting your own business, you may be on the hunt to find a remote job opportunity. I recognize that not everyone who visits Mompreneur Money actually wants to be an entrepreneur–trust me, I know it's not for everyone!

Some people simply want to find a remote job that allows them the flexibility to make time for family, creative side hustles, or simply just to NOT have to deal with a crazy commute to and from work each day.

Personally, I rejoined the workforce remotely as a part-time Digital Marketing Manager. After running Mompreneur Money for a few years, this one-woman show got lonely.

I loved the idea of working remotely for a small to mid-sized company, getting to share my creative gifts, work with a team of people who share the same mission as me, and…of course…get paid to do so!

Of course, there are the traditional online spots like,, and where you can find a remote job (just type “remote” into the location field on these sites).

However, there are also some other pretty cool online spots that feature remote job opportunities–and that's what I'll be sharing here.

Additionally, if you need some inspiration as you prepare to work from home, try this free class on how to work from home as a creative.

Work at Home Job Sites

Work at Home Job Sites

FlexJobs is different from all the other sites on this list because it is actually a paid membership. You pay around $15 per month to access a list of flexible jobs that have been vetted by the staff at FlexJobs.

Jobs listed on this site are categorized according to the flexibility of the role. For instance, some jobs require some level of in-person presence with the option to work from home a few days per week, while other jobs are 100% remote.

Another differentiator is that FlexJobs has a ton of training resources to help job seekers including skill assessments, access to paid career coaching and more.

Get 50 percent off a FlexJobs membership with promo code LOVE. I've been a member myself for a while now and I can tell you from experience it is a trusted job board with both flexible and remote work opportunities.

Here's a short video to discuss who should use FlexJobs:

HireMyMom provides job opportunities for women and moms looking for more balance and more flexibility. The platform works as a paid memberships that gives members access to hundreds of home-based job postings.

What I like most about this site is that ALL the jobs are remote positions. Job categories include programming, design, business and management, sales and marketing, product design and more!

However, each company has its own application process. For some, you need to email a resume and cover letter, while others require you to complete lengthy Google forms or Typeform assessments.

PowerToFly has a particular focus on helping women to find a remote job and elevate their careers. They have a variety of job categories. Some are in-office. Most are flexible. They have a dedicated remote job section.

Basically, this company tries to curate jobs from companies that are trying to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace and also match women's lifestyle needs of today.

Amazon has a job listing site with a “virtual, work from home” category. Some of the virtual jobs listed require that you reside in a specific state, while other job listings simply require you to live in a specific country.

I learned about Planted from an email I received as a Skillshare instructor. Basically, Planted helps to match you with one of their partner companies to find a career or job you love.

Signing up was pretty simple. All I had to do was answer a few multiple choice questions to let the Planted team learn more about me, upload my resume, and see which jobs they match me with. The process took all of 5 minutes to do!

I will say that I think this site might work better if you are looking for a flexible position in a major city as opposed to looking to find a remote job that is not location-based at all.


Other Job Search Sites to Find a Remote Job

I did come across a few other job search sites like,, and I also found a page on that helps military spouses find remote jobs. These sites are worth exploring as well.

What I want you to get from this list is that there are a ton of places online to help you find a remote job. My suggestion is to create a profile on a few of the free sites and check these sites regularly for new job postings.

Remember, finding a remote job takes time and effort. Preparing for your job search by creating an eye-catching resume and cover letter, and then learning how to promote yourself on social networks will help you land your dream job easier.

Hopefully, this list of resources helps you to find a position that is perfect for you! If you know of others, feel free to leave a comment and share your knowledge!

Remote Jobs for Moms

Ready to Find a Remote Job?

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  1. Nice post, Kari! It’s great that you’ve put together something for folks who want to work remotely but may not necessarily want to be an entrepreneur.

    1. Hey Kim! Yeah, over the last few years, I’ve truly learned that not everyone wants to be (or should be) an entrepreneur. Sometimes it’s just about flexibility or eliminating a long commute or some other simple convenience that is not as easy when you have to be in an office all day. Working a remote job can certainly help with these things 🙂

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