Rebrand Your Blog

Have you been thinking about rebranding your blog?

I’d been contemplating the idea of rebranding my blog with a new name for months. (By contemplating, I actually mean anxiously mulling over whether or not to do it!)

When I initially started the blog Teach & Flourish, I only had plans to discuss topics about teaching online courses such as what equipment to use, what platforms are best for hosting a course, etc.

But that little website idea spiraled into so much more. In a nutshell, I’ started teaching about online classes, affiliate marketing, and book publishing. Even more specifically, I started helping women (primarily moms) who were looking for a way to earn passive income online and still balance family life–a description that pretty much sums up my life!

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Targeting a Specific Audience

So after months of mulling over the decision, I slowly started targeting my blog posts to focus more on this specific audience. You can read about my target audience transition here.

I also purchased several blogging resources. One of those resources helped me understand the importance of properly branding my blog. I was prompted to write out a very detailed description of who EXACTLY my business is seeking to help.

This exercise really kicked my butt, however, it helped me to realize the importance of focusing my efforts on the people I believe I can help the most–moms who NEED/WANT an entrepreneurial outlet that not only allows them to be creative but allows them to earn money from their creativity.

I’ve learned that when you try to target EVERYONE with an online business, you often end up helping NO ONE. So, having a targeted audience is crucial if you want to be successful in this type of business model.

Who Inspired Me to Rebrand My Blog?

I was reading a blogger review post from a mom blog that I follow. In the post, the blog author gave a fellow blogger candid advice on how to uplevel her blogging business.

One of the things she suggested for this blogger was to consider a business name change that was clear and relevant to her target audience. The moment I read those words, I knew I just had to take a leap of faith and do what I had been dreading doing for months.

As soon as I returned from vacation, I hired Grayson at iMark Interactive to help me with all the changes. He completed all the link changes, redirects, and a little extra for an extremely affordable cost–which I was over the moon happy about because it was within my budget. I was even more surprised when he finished everything in just a couple of hours. I thought for sure it would be a few days!

My New Business Name

As you can tell by looking at my logo, my rebranded business name is Mompreneur Money–Can I get a Woot, Woot? Since I wasn’t expecting the changes from my tech guy to be ready so quickly, I had to whip up a new logo which I love!

While there is still a part of me that is FREAKING OUT about the change, a bigger part of me knows that this is a move in the right direction for my business.

I changed to a name that is easier to understand and more relatable to my target audience. Moms who want to become entrepreneurs and make money online is my new jam. It is a great move, and I’m glad I’ve finally done it.

I should also note that I had to update my new business name in other places like Google, Pinterest, My Product Pages, etc.  It was something I was dreading, but it ended up not being so bad after all.

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