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Looking for Blog Post Ideas for Beginners?

We all want our blogs to attract tons of readers. To do this, we have to come up with blog post ideas that are entertaining, inspiring, and packed with so much great info that they are irresistible to your blog audience!

If you are asking yourself, “What kind of content should I write to get more people to read my blog?”, I've got some easy blog post ideas you can write about.

These 21 popular blog post ideas will help you drum up some good content and make your blog posts sizzle!

“How To” Post

The “how to” post is a classic. People are constantly on the search for tips and tricks to make a particular process or their lives easier. Use pictures, videos, etc. to show someone how to do something.

Here is an example of one of my most popular how to posts.

List Post

List posts are another classic. You can share a list of your favorite books, favorite recipes, or favorite television shows. You can list warning signs of health issues, create a list of financial planning resources, or even a list of the best kept secrets of the rich and famous!

This post that you are reading right now is an example of a list post!

Profile Post

Tell your readers about an influential person in your niche area. Share interesting tidbits about that person, how exactly they have influenced you, and why exactly you would recommend others to tap into that person’s resources as well.

Challenge Post

A challenge post allows you to get more interactive with your readers. Instead of just writing a post for them to read, you are now encouraging your readers to take action with a particular task. If you are a fitness blogger, you can create a weight loss challenge.

For instance, if you are a financial blogger, you can challenge your readers to creating a 30 day family budget.

Interview Post

Interview someone in your niche or someone with whom your targeted audience will have a connection. For instance, if you are a local fashion blogger, you might interview a local boutique owner to give your readers an inside view of styles and fashion trends in your area.

Here is an example of one of my interview posts.

Favorite Quote Post

People love to read motivational posts. I love putting together a favorite quote post. I’ve done these types of quotes on the topic of marriage, entrepreneurial life, failure, and more. Find quotes that you love, explain to your readers why you love them so much, then share the list.

Here's an example of one of my favorite quote posts.

Quote of the Week Post

This type of post allows you to tap into weekly news and share relevant information with your readers. For instance, if you run blog about politics and someone on CNN says something that is simply so noteworthy you have to share, you can use this type of post to highlight what was said and build a post around it.

Favorite Picture of the Week Post

This is another good post for anyone who runs a blog that is image heavy. Fashion or celebrity gossip bloggers are a good example, but it could apply to any niche.

Blog Roll Post

The blog roll post simply gives you a way sharing the love and telling your readers about other bloggers who really inspire you. The great thing about creating posts like this is that it can often encourage those other bloggers to reciprocate the love by creating a similar post on their blog and including you on their list.

Here is my most popular blog roll post.

Review a Product Post

Review posts are another classic. My favorite is the good old-fashioned book review post. I love to read, therefore sharing books I’ve read via a review post is ideal for me.

Giveaway Post

This is another interactive type of blog post. Give away something to your readers in exchange for their participation.

Relevant Issue Post

Write about an issue that affects your readers. This not only is a great way to engage with your readers, but it can also help to establish yourself as an authority on certain topics.

News Post

Write your perspective about something going on currently in the news that your readers will care about. It doesn’t matter if there are a million opinions on a particular news story, the way you express your opinion may be more relevant and of interest to your targeted audience.

Holiday Post

This is an easy and great idea to use when there is an upcoming holiday. If you are a food blogger for instance and Christmas is around the corner, you can blog about the 5 Classic Holiday Dishes Ready in Less Than 30 Minutes.

Comparison Post

This type of post allows you to lay out a comparison between two or more items. You can compare two books, two TV show, two online stores, etc. Comparison posts are great tools to help readers make better informed decisions.

Here's an example of one of my most popular comparison posts.

Most Popular Posts Post

This is a great type of post to do at the end of the year to highlight popular posts from that year. Or, you can simply write about which of your blog posts have been most popular in any given timeframe and give a link to each one. It’s a great way to recycle some of your older content and get it circulating again.

Favorite Social Media Messages Post

With this type of post you can go through your Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter feeds and look for a few awesome messages/images worth sharing. When I do this type of post, I always include a link to the original source.

What If Post

I love creating “what if” posts. It sets up a potential scenario that allows your reader’s imagination to wonder. I like to ask questions like, “What if you took a leap of faith and followed your dream?” or “What if you actually stuck to your weight loss plan for just 4 weeks?” These types of post can be very inspiring.

Vlog Post

Yep, that’s short for Video Blog. Creating high definition video with great messaging is a fantastic idea for a blog post. Instead of writing out your thoughts, record an HD video post instead. Keep it short, sweet, and easy to understand.

Here is a an example of a 3 minute video review I created.

Get It Off Your Chest Post

Go on a rant about something that has been bothering you. Chances are that it’s probably bothering some of your readers too.

Inspirational Post

Write about something or someone that inspires you. You can’t go wrong with an inspirational post. People love to be motivated. You can inspire them with a personal story, with analogies, with pictures, with quotes etc.

Creative Blog Post Ideas

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21 Easy Blog Post Ideas for Any Niche

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