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Blog Target Audience

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Know Your Blog Target Audience

Okay, ladies. Let me get transparent with you for just a moment and talk to you about the decision for me to narrow my blog focus to speak to one specific target audience–Mompreneurs.

The decision for me to really narrow my blog target audience was a long time coming, but nevertheless, it still scared the crap out of me!


Well, mainly because I'm an indecisive, multi-passionate creative by nature and the thought of just focusing on one thing scared the beejeebees out of me!

For multi-passionate creatives, just doing ONE of anything typically is NOT something that comes easily. Heck, I honestly believe that while there are some people in this world who probably were sent here to accomplish a single world-altering purpose, most of us are multi-purpose beings.

I believe we are here to share our talents and creative gifts (see plural) with the world!

However, when it comes to running a blogging business, the more specific you can be the better!

That means choosing a blog target audience and writing content and selling products that service that specific audience.

But won't it be hard to write for just one target audience?

Maybe you are thinking how difficult it will be for you to narrow your target audience. I get it. That was my mindset at one point too. But eventually I had to face the cold hard truth that as an online entrepreneur…

I cannot be everything to everyone.

As much as I wanted to help as many people as possible to pursue their dreams of creating a side hustle and financial freedom, by focusing my writing and products on one particular audience, it made me a better teacher, a better coach, and a better entrepreneur.

Why I Chose My Target Blog Audience

First, mom bloggers and mom entrepreneurs are two audiences that I'm naturally drawn towards helping. Of course, it helps that I'm a mompreneur myself so I can totally relate to this audience.

I can't tell you how many countless conversations I've had with women who are moms and are overflowing with ideas for businesses but have no clue how to get it their business idea up and running.

Second, I know from personal experience how it feels to be a busy working mom who wants to quit her day job to pursue her dream job of making money from home. I know the feeling of wanting to be a good mom and a good wife, but also needing a creative outlet to pursue my passions and share my knowledge with others. These personal feelings help me to write more authentically for my audience.

Lastly, talking to moms about starting side hustles as a way towards financial freedom really lights me up more than any other group I can think of. I get all “kumbaya-ish” when I'm talking with other moms who have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Questions to Identify Your Blog Audience

The easiest way to identify your blog audience is to ask yourself questions about who it is you want to serve. Dig into the details of who they are, what their life is like, etc. Here are some questions you can answer to start:

Is your audience male or female?

Are the married?

Do they have children? Young kids or older?

Do they work a 9-5 or work remotely?

How much money do they make?

What are their favorite hobbies?

What are their pain points?

What is your audience's biggest life stressors? (finances, career, etc.)

What results or changes do they want to see in their lives?

What specific problem(s) will your blog help solve for this audience?

Knowing Your Target Audience Makes It Easier to Monetize Your Blog

A large part of successfully monetizing your blog is offering resources that your target audience will find valuable and useful.

Part of my monetization strategy is to create digital products that solve a specific problem that my audience faces. When you know your audience pain points, your can create content and resources that result in helping your audience to eliminate or at least manage that particular problem.

If you don't understand your target audience, it will be extremely difficult to properly market your side hustle.

Your Target Audience Influences Your Brand

When you are trying to appeal to more than one audience, it affected the tone of your writing, your color schemes, your creative branding, and even the types of products you create.

Before I took the leap and narrowed my blog target audience, there were times when I was fearful of writing about certain topics because I didn't want to turn off my male readers or my readers without kids.

But trying to write for mom entrepreneurs and keep my male readership and child-free readership in mind was driving me nuts!

But as blogger Ruth Soukup so elegantly points out,

As bloggers, we tend to try to write to everyone. We start with a broad base and then hope that something catches on. But when you try to write to everyone, you end up writing to no one.

Instead, I committed myself to helping moms to ignite their creativity and earn money online–BOOM! I appreciate all readers who enjoy learning from my blog, but I'm writing and creating to serve busy working mamas who want to start a side hustle.

My feminine blog branding reflect this and my content makes it very clear that I am talking to entrepreneurial-spirited moms.

Wrapping Up

Narrowing my blog audience allowed me to unapologetically cater my writing and products toward mom entrepreneurs. I solve problems for those moms who want to start a blog, sell services, write a book, create an online course, and promote affiliate products as a way to earn income with their blogs.

If you've been afraid or unsure of how to make your blogging audience more focused, the information above is a good starting point. Grab a piece of paper and answer the questions above. You will be surprised how far that little exercise will take you!

Narrow Your Blogging Audience

Who are you blogging for?

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