• Why I rebranded my blog

    Rebranding Your Blog: Why I Changed My Blog Name

    Have you been thinking about rebranding your blog? I’d been contemplating the idea of rebranding my blog with a new name for months. (By contemplating, I actually mean anxiously mulling over whether or not to do it!) When I initially started the blog Teach & Flourish, I only had plans to discuss topics about teaching […]

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  • How to Create a Lead Magnet for Your Blog

    3 Steps to Create a Lead Magnet for Your Blog

    How do you create a lead magnet? Every blogger should create an opt-in freebie to help convert readers into email subscribers. Just in case you’re not sure what a lead magnet is, it’s a free offer or free gift that you giveaway on your blog in exchange for contact information from your readers. In my […]

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  • Marketing With Pinterest

    3 Hacks for Marketing With Pinterest

    3 Hacks for Marketing With Pinterest Okay–I’m channeling my subtle South Carolina accent today ya’ll–let’s talk about marketing with Pinterest and the easy-to-fix mistakes bloggers are making. Please note that I am BY NO MEANS a Pinterest marketing expert. For expert advice, read this post about the women in this nitty-gritty Pinterest arena that I trust […]

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  • Balance Motherhood and Blogging

    How to Balance Motherhood and Blogging

    How do you balance blogging and being a mom? Learning how to balance motherhood and blogging is a process that I continue to work on years after starting my first blog. To-do lists have become my saving grace. Sometimes I write things down that I’ve already done just so I can check them off my […]

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  • Best Pinterest Experts

    Best Pinterest Experts to Follow Online

    Best Pinterest Experts to Follow Online Pinterest is now my #2 source for website traffic and I’m totally kicking myself for not having focused on Pinterest for business sooner! For a very long time, I totally resisted the lure of Pinterest for business purposes. To be quite honest, my impression of Pinterest (at least initially), […]

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  • How to Create an Online Quiz

    How to Create an Online Quiz

    How to Create an Online Quiz There are many different ways to engage your audience and grow your email list. Creating an online quiz is a great way to really get to know your readers and make their experience on your blog more personal and engaging. In this post, I will walk you through the […]

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  • Why Use ConvertKit

    Why Use ConvertKit?

    Why Use ConvertKit? Let me start by saying that this IS NOT a post about growing your email list by thousands upon thousands of subscribers. That’s a great goal for some bloggers, but for most of us, we’re just trying to get to the first 100 or maybe even 500 subscribers…because that alone is a […]

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  • Review for Genesis Framework

    Review for Genesis Framework

    Honest Review for Genesis Framework There are so many WordPress themes being sold that it can become very overwhelming just trying to figure out which theme works best for you to purchase. You have your mega sites like and that sell thousands of different WordPress themes from designers across the world. I used […]

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