6 Physical Product Ideas to Sell Online

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Physical Product Ideas to Sell Online

I know I talk a lot on this blog about creating and selling digital products, but it is absolutely possible to find creative ways to make money selling physical products via your online business as well!

Currently, I have two ways that I make money selling physical products. My primary source of income from physical products comes from selling paperback journals using Amazon's print on demand service. Here's an example of my most recent journal.

A secondary source of physical product income comes from a t-shirt that I also sell on Amazon. I paid a graphic designer to create a shirt design for me a few years ago and I made it available for sale via Amazon Merch.

I make a few sales here and there. It's not a significant source of income for me, but there are definitely people who have created full-time passive income selling shirts.

My physical product business is small time right now. In the near future, I plan to sell more journals and planners through my personal development brand. For now, I just love being inspired by the creative journeys of other mompreneurs rocking their physical product businesses.

Selling products on your blog is a great revenue stream! Check out these physical products below being offered by some amazing women making their mark in the online business world!

6 Creative Ideas to Make Money Selling Physical Products

Sell Homemade Lip Gloss

Yolanda, who happens to be one of my best friends from college, recently started Sweet Tooth Lip Gloss for kids with her 6-year old daughter.

Sweet Tooth Lip Gloss

Sell Handmade Jewelry Online

Kandy Davis is the Artisan and Founder of Kardinal Kandy, a collection of handmade jewelry! Her jewelry is inspired by her travels and is totally customizable.

Each design is crafted color by color and each pair is as unique as the lady who will wear them! You can find Kandy's jewelry here.

Sell Handmade Jewelry

Sell Crochet and Knitted Items Online

Taylor is a blogger/etsy seller who makes crochet and knitwear items, as well as designs and sells her own patterns! Her twist knit headbands have been a great hit this season. They come in tons of colors and make the perfect one size fits all gift for loved ones.

You can check out Taylor's Etsy shop here.

Sell Paperback Books Online

Kyle Beale runs a travel blog called Oliver's France where she posts twice each month about cool places to visit in France as well as tips and special activities to do there. She wrote and published three books including Magical Paris: Over 100 things to do Across ParisReal French for Travelers, and A French Garden: The Loire Valley.

Sell Paperback Books

Dr. JB Kirby is the creator of the website, The Voice of Chronic Pain.  She realized that there were a lot of people who needed the support of knowing that they were not alone with pain. With this in mind, she wrote and published her personal story about managing chronic pain.

Her book, Pain Management Decoded: Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Pain, became an Amazon bestseller.

Sell Paperback Journals and Planners Online

Tamara Bell is a lecturer in both the Journalism and Advertising & Public Relations schools at The University of Texas at Austin. She is also the creator of The Quote Keeper: A Journal for Collecting & Reflecting On Your Favorite Quotes.

The idea for the journal came to her as she was reading Brain Pickings the Sunday after her father's funeral. As she was adding quotes to her blank journal, she thought of a way to do it better!

Her creative journal pairs your favorite inspiring, motivating, and encouraging quotes with 65 beautiful illustrations, or quote posters, to spark an exploration of what makes you, you. (P.S. She also sells one for left-handers!)

Shantequa McGill is the creator of “The Mompreneur Movement”, a safe haven for new and aspiring Mompreneurs. Here mompreneurs can connect, learn, grow, share information, and be encouraged to build successful businesses so that they can leave a legacy.

She is also the creator of Focused and Fabulous: The Mompreneur's Quarter 1 Goal-Getter Planner. This planner was created, specifically, for the busy Mompreneur that needs the perfect tool to help them stay organized and on top of their goals!

Shantequa is also the creator of a mompreneur apparel line.

Sell a Planner

Sell Drop Shipped Items With An Online Store

Beck Beach is the owner of the online store BeachSugar.com. One of her most popular dropship items is her Beach Sugar Luminous Purse.

On her blog, MomBeach.com, Beck writes articles on how other moms can get started with making their own Shopify stores to start dropshipping.

I hope these entrepreneurs and their products inspire you to take a closer look at creating a physical product as a creative way to make money!

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