8 Free Online Classes For Moms

Free Online Classes For Moms

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8 Free Online Classes For Moms

Looking for an opportunity to earn an income without leaving the comfort of their homes?

Learning how to make money from home is easier than it's ever been.

You can start a blog that earns income, you can sell digital products, you can start a service-based business, you can work remotely for a company, and so much more!

Even better, there are free online courses out there to help you learn how to make money online while working from home! Taking free classes is an affordable way to learn a new skill or brush up on an old one.

Here's a list of free courses to help moms make money from home.

Free Freelance Writing Classes

Freelance Writing Classes for Free

If you have a love for writing, taking some freelance writing classes for free is definitely an option.

Elizabeth Olwen teaches a free class on creative freelancing that will help you learn how to understand contracts, price your services, market your freelance writing services and more!

If you are looking for a freelance writing coach, Elna Cain has a free email course called Get Paid to Write Online. This free class teaches you how to earn a living as a freelance writer and start making money from home. The course takes less than a week to complete!

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Affiliate Marketing Classes for Free

Jules Tillman offers an affiliate marketing course on Skillshare. Jules owned two websites in which at least 50 percent of the income she made was from affiliate marketing.

In her 20 minute online class, she introduces you to affiliate marketing and goes over helpful ideas on how to promote your affiliate links to earn more money with affiliate marketing.

Sign-up here for free: Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle

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Virtual Assistant Classes for Free

HireMyMom.com offers several free classes for those interested in starting a business as a virtual assistant.

One of the free classes is with Abbey Ashley. In this free class, Abbey shows you how to find clients and get booked out as a virtual assistant. In another free class, Lauren Golden shows you how to become a highly paid virtual administrative consultant.

Sign-up here for free: Virtual Assistant Courses

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Social Media Marketing Classes for Free

If you are thinking about becoming a social media manager, you should consider learning more about the ins and outs of social media. This includes making sure that you understand how to create engaging content, how to read the analytics,

Coursera offers a free social media marketing specialization course to help you create engaging content that can go viral. You'll learn about content strategy, advertising tips, and more. The course takes 8 hours to complete, but it's suggested that you spread it out over a month.

Quintly offers a free social media analytics course for beginners to help you understand and identify KPIs, learn how to use competitor benchmark analytics, and more.

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Book Writing Classes for Free

Writing and self-publishing books is a great way to earn money online.

Reedsy.com is an amazing resource for online writers! They actually have multiple free publishing classes to help you learn everything from book writing to book design to book marketing and more.

Alison Jones offers a free class on Reedsy that is really good for entrepreneurs wanting to write a book. You can complete this class in 5 minutes per day over 10 days.

Sign-up here for free: How to Write a Business Book

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Web Design Classes for Free

If you want to learn how to build your own website or even how to start a business building websites for other people, then taking a free class on web design is a great idea.

Udemy has several free online classes that you can take to learn about web design and web development. One example of free class for web design on Udemy is Web Design for Web Developers: Build Beautiful Websites.

This free course takes less than 1 hour to complete and will walk you through simple guidelines for creating beautiful websites.

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Photography Classes for Free

I know that I talk about Skillshare as a learning resource and as a way to make money online all the time, but that's because I really do think it is so great!

If you want to learn more about photography so that you can eventually learn how to make passive income as a photographer, you should definitely look into the free photography classes offered on Skillshare.

My friend Mariya teaches a class on iPhone Photography which is great for beginners.

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Blogging Classes for Free

I'm a big believer in moms learning how to make money blogging. Starting a blog and working on it full time, part time, or just in your spare time is great long term strategy for creating income.

Of course, there a ton of free courses out there to help you learn the ropes of blogging. If you are a complete beginner to blogging, check out Laurie Wang's course Blogging for Beginners.

For stay at home moms, Lena Gott has a free blogging course that is great for beginners.

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Online Classes Under $50

If you have a small budget of $50 or less, there are several ways you can take really great online classes on a variety of topics.

Brit.co has 120+ online classes that you can access for $10 per month.

LinkedIn Learning offers access to over 16,000 online courses for less than $30 per month.

Skillshare has a ton of free classes you can take, but you can also get unlimited access to premium classes for less than $20 per month.

Summary of Free Online Classes for Moms

I meet so many moms who want to learn how to make money from home, but don't have a ton of expendable income to spend on a business so they think they are stuck.

Hopefully, the resources that I shared in this post prove to you that there are both free and affordable online classes that can help you learn how to be a thriving mom by starting a profitable business working from home.

Free Online Classes for Moms to Earn Money From Home

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